So, what’s going on here then?

We’ve been a little bad about keeping people updated via this website. That’s something that will end now. A few changes over the last month have meant good news for us, and for all of you, and one of the results of those changes is that we are already in PRE-PRODUCTION of our next independent film! Like always, it’s a little too ambitious and a little too ridiculous, but that’s the way we like it. This isn’t going to be just a week-long endeavor, however, and we will do our best to keep you all notified of our progression via the Patreon (, #shamelessselfpromotion) and the YouTube series linked above.

Also, we’re proud to announce that we are now available to hire for your own projects! If you live in Savannah, GA or the surrounding area and need a video made, whether it’s a commercial, music video, or just a screenplay you want to see come to life, we have you covered! Check out our “Hire Us” page or simply shoot us an email at with your project needs and budget!

Also also, the majority of things in our store are currently on sale. Go get it while it’s cheap!