Here at Filthy & Free, we don’t just make commercials for our own products, we also make them for other local businesses in the Savannah area! If you want affordable, quality commercials then send us an email at with your idea and budget proposal!

And remember, this isn’t just a service we extend to corporate entities. Local bands needing a music video, SCAD students needing a crew, or just anyone with an idea they want to see brought to life are all welcome customers to us! Send us an email and let’s get your project underway!


————WHO ARE WE?————


Owner, Filthy & Free Publishing.

Director, editor, author, publisher. When not working, Christopher enjoys playing with his dogs, spending time with his family, sleeping on cars, and climbing on trees.



Producer. Actor. Massage therapist. Vocalist.

When not creating media with Filthy & Free, Eric runs “The Bastardcast” on Twitch, helps people feel better through both gentle and intense massage, and loves spending time with his wife and new dog.



Chef. Actor. Cartographer. Writer.

When not producing content, Tony enjoys watching YouTube videos, playing with his cat, spending time with his fiance, and shooting heroin between his toes.